You don´t have to tackle it on your own!!
You don´t have to tackle it on your own!!

Individual Coaching for YOU!

Burfeindt-BC is your competent and reliable partner in your application process. I offer you advice at affordable prices and in high quality. I conduct comprehensive consulting and coaching sessions and take time for you and your individual wishes and situations. I will show you new possibilities. I am happy to assist you in your progress.

"... finally, hiring a paid coach will make you take the experience more seriously and I have seen, without exception, that this helps people do a better job at reaching their goals...".


Dr. Joanne Kamens, molecular technology scientist, Executive Director of Addgene, Cambridge, MA, USA.

Your Coaching Phases.

Burfeindt-BC individual coaching is available for all your three job application phases:

Phase 1: From your first application activity to the invitation for a job interview.

Phase 2: From your interviews to contract negotiations.

Phase 3: From contract close-out to completion of the probation period.


It´s all about Communication!

For each phase there is a special communication from the potential employer to the applicant. And many chances for misinterpretations by the applicant!! Some of my clients come to me with a job history full of painful job search! They have the feeling of constantly running against an invisible wall: constant rejections, lack of feedback.


We then analyze together what goes wrong, and how to recover it.

Your unknown Skills!

All my clients are personalities with an excellent professional education and a professional background, with profound performance and competence profiles. They use their enormous amount of skills permanently, but often they cannot name them!


In their application situation they expect their professional profile - illustrated in
their CV etc.  - to speak for itself. I can understand that very well, but unfortunately that does not work at all!


In my coaching phase 1, we will identify and disclose your skills to use them effectively in your application!


Coaching Content.

Depending in which of the three phases you are in, my individual coaching will focus on the next crucial step for your New Placement. One of the core topics in my coaching is advising on the efficient management of your resources in terms of your time and your vigilance. You will be guided and accompanied in all important and critical questions of your application phases.

How long do Coaching Conversations last?

My coaching talks last about ninety minutes and initially take place about once a week. In the process, the application strategy of the client as well as his application infrastructure are worked out and defined (phase 1). Thereafter, the coaching discussions take place more on demand, an intensive contact between us remains. In particular, this is also the case in the waiting phase for the application confirmation. My coaching talks take place during a personal meeting, by phone or Skype.


About Burfeindt-BC

I am specialized in coaching engineers and scientists as I have worked intensively with them over the past 20+ years. I am - for your benefit - embedded in a network of specialists from the recruiting, coaching and legal world. Through my many years of experience and close contact to my clients, I know what to focus on. It is my goal to realize the wishes of each client to his / her full satisfaction.



                                                                                                                        Dr. Juergen Burfeindt


My professional background is based on:

  • Research and industry background.
  • Physicist / Ph.D. in Human Biology. 1st state examination in human medicine.
  • Training and experience in individual, goal-oriented coaching (ZfU Zurich).
  • Specializing in English and German speaking clients.
  • More than 20 years leadership experience in space industry.
  • 7 years` experience in scientific research.


Participation as test subject in a
vestibular system experiment in a NASA parabolic aircraft.

Burfeindt-BC Munich
Career and
Job Application Coaching


YOUR Coaching Benefits:

Saved time.

Better chances.

Less disappointments.

For YOUR Progress:

Indiviudal, tailored coaching.
Clients: Private, and Helmholtz Society.
Coachees: Academics.
Success rate: at 85 %.
AZAV certification: intended.
Geographical focus: Germany.
Location of target employer: Germany / Central Europe.

Too heavy load in your current job search? You don´t have to tackle it on your own!!