FOR ENGINEERS: Why should YOU take some Job Application Coaching when looking for a new Job?

You are engineer or technician, together with some 1.6 million engineers we do have now in Germany. The market demand is huge,  and also abroad in Europe. So why taking application coaching as an engineer?


All my engineer clients who decided to take advantage from the Burfeindt-BC consulting have the same experience in their New Placement search: they have already experienced "unexplainable" denials or have received offers fully out of their target range. They need orientation to get back on the right track. 


Based on this finding, it may be useful to you to identify if and how much the following statements are familiar to you?

  1. You are in a running job position with very small time available, or 

  2. You are not in a current position, but free-lancer or in another challenging professional state.

  3. Your new placement search requires strict secrecy.

  4. You have no real chance to find out what goes wrong in your actual professional situation, but something goes wrong!

  5. You had already interesting contacts with somebody who told you that you are the ideal candidate for his/her enterprise. But nothing happens!

  6. You have already started an application process for a new external (or internal)  position. 

  7. You launched your application calls only occasionally, and without real success so far.

  8. You could not identify so far where this ill success came from: market driven or wrong strategy.

  9. You need some update in terms of your self-marketing abilities (e.g. for your job interviews).

  10. You feel the need of some optimization in handling your most important resource: time.


If you can agree to more than 5 of these statements, you should think about taking some close-support consultancy for your job application process. This will save time, increase your chances and avoid disappointments. Burfeindt-BC is pleased to accompany you until your successful new employment. 

Burfeindt-BC Munich
Career and
Job Application Coaching


YOUR Coaching Benefits:

Saved time.

Better chances.

Less disappointments.

For YOUR Progress:
Individual tailored coaching.
Uncovering your potentials.

Resource oriented.

Private individuals, VDI Nachrichten, job40+ and Kalaydo (job fair organizers),  Helmholtz Society.

Success rate: at 85 %.
AZAV certification: intended.

Clients` locations:
mainly Germany,
in special cases  overseas.

Location of target employer: Germany / Central Europe.


No idea what Application and Career Coaching can bring YOU?

Please use my online trial session (first hour at only 90 €) for YOUR better orientation and decision-making aid. Details: Please see my "Prices" page.


Too heavy load in your current job search? You don´t have to tackle it on your own!!