My Clients´ Feedback.

Dr. Burfeindt provided me with valuable advices during my application process. He accompanied me and allowed significant improvement of my search process and application infrastructure. Most important, he helped me to clarify my market value and to finally get the best of it.

Aerospace engineer / business developer space industry.                                      

  • Initiial situation: running industrial employment with low develoment chances.         
  • Result: Successful change into a perfectly matching industrial position.                     
  • Coaching duration: 4 weeks.                                                                                            

Dr. Burfeindt coached me during my application process. He had great ideas regarding my CV, cover letter and interview preparations. He helped me to focus on my professional aims and wishes. It was really inspiring working with you, thanks!

Post-doctoral biochemist at the Helmholtz Centre for Experimental Genetics.   

  • Initial situation: Termination of research contract.                                                       
  • Result: Successful change into a first industrial employment.                                     
  • Coaching duration: 2 months.                                                                                        

Based on a joint, long duration coaching process I can strongly recommend Dr. Burfeindt as coach for employment application phases or phases of professional new orientation. The cooperation with Dr. Burfeindt made me feel enriched and helped me to better understand and manage professional challenges.

Biologist and environmental protection entrepreneur.                                                  

  • Initial situation: Basic professional reorientation during running employment.               
  • Result: Successful change into an unlimited employment at the dream employer,     
  • Coaching duration: 18 months.                                                                                           

Having been coached by Juergen for more than a year in career changing, I finally succeeded in getting the job that I wanted. Right from the start of the process, Juergen really was a great help for finding out what it is that I wanted from my next job. Also, he had excellent and creative ideas for properly setting up my job search strategy and infrastructure. I particularly appreciated his ability to help me find a strong stance before upcoming interviews. Could I have done it without him? Probably, but it would have been a much more slow and painful process. And no, I’m not getting a discount for writing this.

Business developer and engineer space industry.                                                    

  • Initial situation: Running employment. Search for clear professional improvement.  
  • Result: Successful change  into an international space management organization.
  • Coaching duration: 17 months.                                                                                         

…. I wanted to thank you again for all your advice, support and work. I have learned a lot under your guidance and I am sure it will come in handy again – at the very least to write grant applications! …. But please rest assured that I really enjoyed your services, responsiveness and insight. Thank you again for that. I will now have a busy couple of weeks finding a new apartment and getting up to speed with my new position...

Post-doctoral pharmaceutical scientist at the Helmholtz Centre in a professional reorientation phase.

  • Initial situation: Break after 8 years research in academia.                                               
  • Challenge: Decision required to move into industry or stay in academia.                     
  • Result: Successful application to an academic research and management position.
  • Coaching duration: 7 months.                                                                                              

Juergen coached me successfully in a process of scrutinizing the orientation of my professional career. As a free-lancing application engineer and entrepreneur in web 4.0 applications, it was important to me to develop career options and to assess them. Especially coaching on the decision to continue as freelancer or to return to an employment prior to the “point of no return”, was a major content item of the coaching. I could use Juergen´s coaching to make clear decisions for myself.

Free lancing application engineer in navigation and web4.0 technologies. Aerospace engineer.

  • Initial situation: Free lancing application engineer.                                                    
  • Challenge: Search for additional, suitable employment.                                          
  • Result: Successfully move into an industrial employment.                                          
  • Coaching duration: 8 months.                                                                                       

Thank you for your suggestions on my cover letter, as I have noticed a marked increase in the response rates. I think the interviews have been going well.

Post-doctoral astronomer, Max-Planck-Society.       

  • Initial situation: No progress in application phase 1.       
  • Challenge: Client wanted only help in phase 1.            
  • Result: Increase in invitations for job interviews.              
  •  Coaching period: One session.                                        

Dr. Burfeindt coached me through my entire application process – from the very beginning of compiling a well-founded CV to the final negotiations with respect to contract. Since I was always aiming ahead a new position in space industry, in my extremely specialized engineering discipline, and with no spirit of compromise on my side concerning thematic focus and contract conditions, it took nearly 2 years to find exactly what I was heading for.


In this period, his coaching resulted into an application infrastructure, suitable to get the valuable attention of target employers. It helped me to overcome the invisible (recruiting) wall and finally enter into a job which was worth all this extra effort. I’m grateful to Dr. Burfeindt, who – with his expertise and market insight – guided me through these imponderables.

Aerospace engineer configuration management in space industry.           

  • Initial situation: In running position with goal for a change.                                
  • Challenge (1): Very clear and demanding requirements for a new position.  
  • Challenge (2): Move from employment to unemployment during coaching.
  • Result: A new dream position.                                                                                
  • Coaching duration: 25 months.                                                                             

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YOUR Coaching Benefits:

Saved time.

Better chances.

Less disappointments.

For YOUR Progress:
Individual tailored coaching.
Uncovering your potentials.

Resource oriented.

Private individuals, VDI Nachrichten, job40+ and Kalaydo (job fair organizers),  Helmholtz Society.

Success rate: at 85 %.
AZAV certification: intended.

Clients` locations:
mainly Germany,
in special cases  overseas.

Location of target employer: Germany / Central Europe.


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