AS SCIENTIST: Why should YOU take some Job Application Coaching when looking for a new Job?

Generally: Coaching can be helpful to save personal resources (energy) over a longer period, especially when simultaneously job searching chances are decreasing. 

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"... finally, hiring a paid coach will make you take the experience more seriously and I have seen, without exception, that this helps people do a better job at reaching their goals...".

In Germany we have some 210 thousand scientists in an employment or as free lancers. Each year some 15 thousand scientists complete their PhD and are available for the science market.

Burfeindt-BC coaching of scientists is tailored to a certain group of candidates. All my scientific clients 

  • are already some years in an employment or had a series of short duration contracts,
  • are looking for a New Placement (better position) and
  • have already experienced unexplainable denials in their own new placement search,
  • lost already valuable time without sufficient results.


Most of them are in the institutional sector and want to change to industry; some of them are working in industry and want to return to academia. I am offering coaching for scientists in the age of 30 to xx (no limit) years.


My clients are scientists out of astrophysics, biology, biotechnology, chemistry and biochemistry, computer science, data science (big data analysis), experimental and theoretical physics, history, humanistic and cultural science, linguistics and applied linguistics, material science and social sciences so far. 


At the coaching start, most of them were convinced that the market situation in the science sector is bad; which is correct, but not the whole story: also self-marketing abilities were low. That’s where coaching starts!

Very often scientists have to face in their early career serious disruptions in their working lives.


It can really be shocking to witness the professional fate – as an example - of biologists. Many of them - even with completed PhD studies - stop their science carrier after so many years of top education. They start a different job somewhere, with low requirements and payment. It is shocking in so far as we need their professions increasingly in the context of future life problems…. 

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Your coaching benefits:

Saved time.

Better chances.

Less disappointments.

Burfeindt-BC Munich


offers New Placement and Career Coaching for Engineers and Scientists. The focus is on tailor-made, individual and targeted job application coaching. I´m highly specialized in clients who are already in a lengthy job search process. Their intended employer location: Germany / Central Europe. The geographical locations of my clients can - with the careful use of Internet tools - be at any distance from Munich (South Germany), also on other continents. Time shift is no problem.

Too heavy load in your current job search? You don´t have to tackle it on your own!!