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Many engineers and scientists start their career by a sound transition from education into their first job position, with no need to go through a job application process (through the so-called candidate´s journey). When searching for a new job appointment after some years, missing experience in this field needs to be compensated. Running on the learning curve to manage this lack can be endless.


One of the extreme challenges linked to this situation for academics is that a successful job application requires skills very different from those needed to do an excellent job later at the new employer.   


With other words: Even if your professional skills show a perfect match with the new employer´s job requirements, a lack of experience - in two items -  prevent you from getting there:

  • self-marketing,
  • understanding the communication between recruiters and applicants.


This "differentiation in matching" is one of the centered issues when working with my clients on individual job application coaching at Burfeindt-BC Munich. 



My Clients.

My clients are senior scientists and engineers in a career changing process. All of them are personalities with a highly scientific or engineering mindset, with the strong aim to develop their career. A majority of them is in an ongoing employment. At the beginning of our coaching, they can usually look back on a longer application history - so far with low progress. 


My scientific clients are mostly out of the natural sciences, but also out of humanistic and linguistic disciplines. My engineering clients are from all mayor technical disciplines. They are between 28 and 56 years.



My Services.

I am providing achievement oriented coaching to clients in these two impressing professional fields. My consulting for my clients is focused on individual tailored and resources oriented coaching. Along the three phases concept, together we identify the main drag reasons in their change process, and develop measures to overcome them.


I am offering coaching services for scientists and engineers in a location 500 km around Munich. In cases in which the first coaching session was held as a personal meeting, my clients can be somewhere on the planet, or even on an orbiting spacecraft, as long as internet connectivity is given.



Client´s Feedback.

Based on a joint, long duration coaching process I can strongly recommend Dr. Burfeindt as coach for employment application phases or phases of professional new orientation. The cooperation with Dr. Burfeindt made me feel enriched and helped me to better understand and manage professional challenges.

Biologist and environmental protection entrepreneur.

Your coaching benefits:

Saved time.

Better chances.

Less disappointments.

Burfeindt-BC Munich
offers New Placement and Career Coaching for Engineers and Scientists. Focus is on tailored, individual and target oriented job application coaching. I am highly specialized on clients who are already in a longer job search process. Coaching location: 500 km around Munich, Germany.

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