You don´t have to tackle it on your own!!
You don´t have to tackle it on your own!!

Welcome to your Job Application Coaching Site for Engineers and Scientist in an ongoing Application Process!

Welcome at Burfeindt-BC Munich!

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Many engineers and scientists start their career by a sound transition from education into their first job position, with no need to go through a job application process. When searching for a new job appointment after some years, missing experience in this field needs to be compensated. Running on the learning curve to manage this lack can be endless.                                                                        

One of the extreme challenges linked to this situation for engineers and scientists is that a successful job application requires skills very different from those needed to do a good job later at the new employer.   


With other words: Even if your professional skills show a perfect match with the new employer´s job requirements, a lack of experience in self-marketing may prevent you from getting there. This "differentiation in matching" is one of the centred issues when working with our clients on job application coaching at Burfeindt-BC Munich. 


You are senior scientist or engineer in a career changing process? You tried already to apply for a new position - with low progress. I am providing achievement oriented application coaching to clients in these two impressing professions. Along the three phases concept I will identify together with you the main drag reasons in your change process and develop measures to overcome them.


Burfeindt-BC Munich offers to you New Placement Consulting for Engieers and Scientists in a location 500 km around Munich. Consulting for you is focussed on individual, tailored and resources oriented coaching.


My background: educated and practicing coach, experimental physicist, additional education in human medicine, successful project team lead more than 20 years in space industry for customers out of science, government and industry.

Your coaching benefits:

Saved time

Better chances

Less disappointments

Burfeindt-BC Munich
offers  New Placement and Career Coaching for Engineers and Scientist. Focus is on tailored, individual and target oriented coaching. Location: 500 km around Munich, Germany.

Too heavy load in your current job search? You don´t have to tackle it on your own!!

You will find my coaching profile and professional background in more detail on LinkedIn.